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Recovery Mine Spec Tandem Trailer and Accessories

The Recovery Kit features a purpose-built mine spec tandem trailer that comes complete with the Soft Rigging Solutions lightweight recovery equipment.


Purpose-built for the tough mining environment with a water poof hard cover or soft cover to protect your Shackles & Slings, the Recovery Kit is ready for immediate deployment, whether it be an emergency, breakdown or a bogged machine needing recovery.


What’s Included

  • 1 x Mine-spec Tandem Trailer.
  • 2 x 15m Magni Slings.
  • 2 x Orion® Shackles.
  • 2 x Poseidon® Shackles.
  • Option to customise inclusions:

The products included in the kit enable you to hook two dozers up to an RD that, for example, has gone through a bund or hook the two slings together to form a 30-meter sling.

Make your recovery gear easily accessible in those times of need. We have package deals incorporating these trailers, including all recovery gear available on request. Having all the recovery gear conveniently housed within the trailer ensures that valuable time is not wasted due to locating the items required across the various departments that use them. Some mine sites in the Bowen Basin have moved to have an extra recovery kit dedicated only to emergencies as part of their ERT kit due to learnings from previous incidents.

We are developing a new type of trailer at the moment which will be available next year, that has HYD reels in the back that wind the slings out for use and up after use. Contact us to learn more about the next generation of SRS Recovery Trailer Kits.



  • All the required equipment is in one place.
  • Quick response times to bogged equipment or emergency situations.
  • Can mix and match gear that’s included.
  • Arrives on-site, full mine spec, chocks, all-terrain tyres, high vis, trailer ID etc.
  • Fully enclosed in the Premium or Box trailer with waterproof tonneau cover providing water and dust resistance.
Recovery Equipment Trailer Kit On-Site Soft Rigging Solutions

Quick Response Times

Have all the required equipment in one place, ready for deployment as required.

Purpose Built Equipment

Recovery equipment housed within industry-specific purpose-built trailers customised to your needs.

Ultra Light, Ultra Safe

Soft Rigging Solutions is dedicated to bringing innovative rigging solutions to assist industry.

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