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Patented Tray Retention Safety System

The Orion® Safety Up Device

The Orion® Shackle has been redesigned for use as a lightweight Safety Up Device (SUD) for securing rear dump (RD) truck trays in the up position while maintenance is carried out. It ensures that there is no uncontrolled movement of the tray in the event of a hydraulic failure or any other unforeseen circumstance where the tray may free fall.



  • Ultra-lightweight, the Orion®SUD shackle weighs only 2.9kg and the Orion® SUD sling only 1.3 – 1.8kgs (depending on length).
  • Excellent UV, abrasion and chemical resistance means grease and oil are not issues.
  • Exceptionally low elongation, less than 3% at 50,000kg.
  • Rated MBL 50,000kg – will break at any point over this.
  • Enables inclusion while improving safety.
Orion SUD Soft Rigging Solutions
The Orion® Safety Up Device

Tray Retention System Benefits

Soft Rigging Solutions will custom manufacture your Orion® SUD sling/strop so it is built to the length and colours specified by you. The overall weight will be between 1.3kg to 1.8kg, depending on the required length. The option for colour coordination eliminates the chance of the incorrect length (SUD) being used for sites that run multiple trays and RD models. The sling ends are painted to match the colour of the diff and tray attachment points.

The lightweight Orion® SUD shackle weighs only 2.9kg which is a far cry from the typical 10 – 15 kg steel shackle commonly seen in SUD devices on RD trays. A task that previously required multiple personnel can now be completed by one individual, enabling inclusion and improving safety.

Improved Safety

Improve safety when performing maintenance and hydraulic safety inspections with our lightweight, patented tray retention system.

Inclusive Work Practices

Promotes workplace inclusivity by removing the physical barriers that previously excluded some people from being able to participate.

Minimise Downtime

Fast and easy to use and reduces machine downtime and injury downtime as a result of the safety improvements.

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