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About SRS

Our mission is to redefine rigging by making the use of dangerous, heavy, steel D-Shackles and slings redundant.

Founded in 2019, Josh Leppard developed Soft Rigging Solutions following his involvement as the leader of a group of first responders to a dozer that was overturned down a steep embankment which unfortunately ended up being a fatality. The recovery team carried heavy recovery equipment, including heavy-duty slings weighing 140 kgs and Steel D shackles weighing 58kgs down a steep embankment to upright the dozer. Following this experience, Josh set about to redefine rigging used in recoveries by making the use of dangerous, heavy steel D-Shackles and Kevlar slings redundant.

As a keen offshore yacht racer, Josh Leppard was aware of lightweight synthetic rope and soft shackles made specifically for the marine industry. These products removed the steel, reduced the weight, and provided exceptional strength properties. The resulting innovation is a product range that harnesses technology’s benefits, reducing risk and downtime while improving safety and inclusive work practices, which has gone on to win multiple innovation and safety awards and is most importantly, preventing injuries.


Technology & Innovation

We adapt technology to custom-designed, ultra-light, ultra-stong shackles and rigging solutions to suit different attachment points and uses.

The foundation of our soft shackles and slings is Dyneema, which Albert Penning accidentally invented in the 70’s when researching polyethylene and discovering a thread he couldn’t pull apart. He didn’t know at the time that he had inadvertently invented one of the strongest and most reliable fibres in the world. Dyneema makes a rope that weight for weight, is 15 X stronger than steel but floats on water! The Dyneema rope is tightly braided, giving it high UV and chemical resistance and chafe tolerance, and is the same product used for bulletproof vests.


Australian Quality

Our SRS Shackles are manufactured in Australia with one of the world’s strongest and reliable synthetic fibres available. We pride ourselves on adapting technology to suit clients’ needs. Our engineer-certified shackles are available in varied sizes and designs, plus we custom-build gear to suit different attachment points and uses.

The game changer about this product is when weight capacity is exceeded to the point of destruction, there is no release of stored energy. All you get is a large bang with all stored energy contained inside the tightly braided Dyneema cover. We don’t have to tell you what happens when a steel D-Shackle’s capacity is exceeded! Watch the benefits of rope over steel shackles in real-time with our 500-ton Poseidon Shackle destruction test. Imagine what the impact would be if this were an equivalent steel shackle!


Improve safety by reducing risks

Soft Rigging Solutions, with their super light-weight soft recovery gear, have eliminated the need for multiple people struggling with traditional heavy steel D-Shackles. By substituting the existing steel D-shackles with light-weight synthetic-designed soft shackles which weigh up to five times less than what was previously used, SRS has introduced a significant reduction for the potential of manual handling incidents and enabled inclusion when recovering surface mobile equipment.

Our Team

We specialise in bringing innovative rigging solutions to the market to increase productivity, improve safety and enable workforce inclusion.